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Fotona's TwinLight™ Endodontic Treatment (TET) successfully addresses two major disadvantages of classical chemo-mechanical treatments procedures.



TwinLight™ Periodontal
Treatment (TPT) is a minimally
invasive periodontal therapy incorporating dentistry’s two best laser wavelengths.

Oral surgery & Implantology

Oral surgery

LightWalker is equipped with built-in scanner-ready technology that will enable new possibilities in fields such as implantology.

Conservative & Aesthetics


For speed and flexibility in hard-tissue drilling and aesthetic procedures, LightWalker is the ultimate dental laser system.


In conservative dentistry, no other laser manufacturer can match LightWalker's superior range of  “drilling” options in hard-tissue treatments. In addition, LightWalker equally excels with all soft-tissue treatments and even cosmetic dental procedures such as Fotona’s gentler and more effective TouchWhite™ bleaching.

The Importance of Laser Wavelength

It is a well-established fact that different dental procedures require different laser wavelengths. Wavelength is important because specific body tissues interact in unique ways depending on the particular laser source. With the choice of two complementary wavelengths (in terms of their effect on tissues) LightWalker comes very close to being a “universal” laser. Practically all laser-assisted dental treatments can be performed with either the most highly absorbed Er:YAG laser wavelength or the most homogeneously absorbed Nd:YAG laser wavelength.

Choose Perfection with TwinLight™

The combination of the two most powerful dental wavelengths in one laser system enables practitioners to perform not only standard single-wavelength, but also highly effective TwinLight™ treatments. Utilizing both wavelengths in a single treatment makes optimum use of the unique laser-tissue interaction characteristics of each wavelength. For example, Nd:YAG laser energy is superior for coagulation and deep disinfection while Er:YAG is uniquely efficient at ablating hard and soft tissues. Combined, they can dramatically improve the outcome of all laser-assisted treatments in a synergistic way, guaranteeing maximum safety and efficacy.


To get the most out of your LightWalker system, our practitioner workshops organized by the Laser and Health Academy and AALZ, provide hands-on demonstrations from international clinical experts. 

All Fotona medical lasers are CE marked and approved to be sold in the EU. For countries where specific national approvals or clearances are required (for example by the FDA in the United States), some of the products and/or applications may not have been approved yet. Please check with Fotona, your local Fotona distributor or your national regulatory body whether a specific product or application has been approved to be marketed and sold in your country.